Wearable Brow Trends in 2023

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  • June 13th, 2023
Closeup of woman's eye area as a small brow comb brushes her shaped eyebrow

Looking for a way to enhance your look? Do this through your eyebrows! From runway looks to social media trends, brow glam is everywhere and like anything, it’s fun to try something new.

Learn how to take any of these 2023 brow trends and apply them for the perfect day-to-day style or wear them for an occasion when you want to look extra fab! The good news: ANY brow look you go for will provide confidence ANY time! 🤩

What Are the Current Eyebrow Trends?

In 2023 we see contrasting looks from fashion on the runways to yes, even eyebrows! The new eyebrow trends are across the board, from naturally thick to the thin brows of the 90s, to bleached and straight brows. One similarity is true for all these trends; they’re bold yet easy to pair with any look! These trends take an everyday brow look, such as lighter brows, and enhance it! So, if you’re a natural blonde, give the bleached brow trend a go for extra light and edgy brows.

5 New Eyebrow Trends to Try in 2023:

  1. Bleached Brows—With this trend, your eyes can be the star of your look by drawing attention to your eye area and your brows. Let your eye makeup take center stage with bleached brows for an edgy yet simple look. Not so sure about bleaching your brows? Consider tinting them two or three shades lighter than their natural color.
closeup of woman's eyebrow after shaped by brow threading

Ask your local Lash Lounge about brow tinting options!

This can give you the softer brow look you desire AND make the trend more wearable in your daily life.

  1. Brow Lamination—One of our FAVORITE trends that we think is here to stay is brow lamination. In contrast to the thin brows of the 90s and 2000s (and making a resurgence in 2023), we’re seeing brow lamination used to get a thicker and feathery brow look. Brow lamination is an excellent option for anyone wanting naturally full-looking brows with a bit more control.

And guess what? You can get brow lamination at The Lash Lounge! When you visit one of our salons for brow lamination, an expert stylist will help you choose a custom slicked eyebrow look that complements your features. This custom brow service will lift the hairs into a look that stays in place AND leaves them looking fresh and silky for up to SIX weeks.

  1. Thin Brows—When it comes to trends, nostalgia can bring back some of our old favorite (or not-so-favorite) looks. Regardless of where you stand on thin brows, mixing up your look and seeing which trends will make your features shine is always exciting! Going for thin eyebrows is a great way to experiment with different brow shapes and arches. The line work takes center stage when your brows are slim. Just remember to be careful not to overpluck your eyebrows! If you think they need some eyebrow shaping, toss the tweezers and go with eyebrow threading for a thin brow look done right. Eyebrow threading at The Lash Lounge will allow you to customize a look that perfectly defines AND contours your features while not going overboard with hair removal. It’s the best of both worlds. Learn more about “what is eyebrow threading” here.

See the example pictured above of beautiful brows shaped (and looking sharp) thanks to eyebrow threading. This shows just how threading can clean up ANY brow line from thin to full.

  1. Natural Brows—A simple trend we’ll ALWAYS love is the natural brow look. For an effortless-looking low-maintenance brow, we recommend filling them in with a brow brush or pencil to keep them looking healthy and full. For the ultimate easy natural look, make your brows appear fuller with a brow tint! Get a shape and color that will last up to four weeks so you can wake up each morning with beautifully full and effortless brows. 🙌
  2. Straight Brows—Heard of this trend? The straight brow trend is gorgeous on full and dark brows as the shape contrasts with the boldness of the brow by giving it a softer silhouette. However, regardless of the color of your brows, anyone can look FAB with this look due to how the brow’s slightly raised end opens the eye and lifts the face for a youthful appearance. Want to add some contrast to the lovely, soft shape? Don’t forget that a brow tint is always a good idea for adding a gorgeous hue!

These trends are easy to love because they’re versatile and simple for anyone to try. There’s truly a trend for everyone! In 2023 we’re seeing a resurgence of simple and natural styles and these trends let you celebrate AND enhance your natural beauty while trying something refreshing with your look. 🎉

Which Brow Trends Will You Try?

Ready to throw your look back with 90s thin brows again (but better!), OR do you want to mix things up with a straight brow? Either way, let our seasoned stylists at The Lash Lounge help you find an exciting look that emphasizes your natural features.

And since all of our brows go through a natural shedding and growth process, you can test different looks and trends to discover what makes YOU look and feel your best! Maybe you’ll try one trend, fall in love, and never look back OR maybe you want to test each trend. 💜  Regardless, we’re here to help you explore, customize and love whatever look you choose!