What Your Favorite Lash and Brow Services Say About You

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  • July 26th, 2023
Mid-shot of happy black woman with curly hair and custom lashes and brows

Ever wondered what your eyelashes (and brows) say about you? Whether you’re the life of the party in or the more reserved type, see which lash and brow looks best fit your personality!

Let Your Eyes Speak Volumes

You may have never given it much thought, but the appearance of your lashes and brows say a lot about you!  For those of you who are already on the lash and brow enhancement bandwagon, this is good news. For those who need to up your lash and brow game, don’t fret!

We’re here to tell you what to do if you want a lash and brow look to match your unique personality!

What Your Eyelashes Say About You

Each of us has different personalities and often those personalities are expressed through fashion, makeup, hairstyles and, yes, even LASHES! This got us thinking about our lash services here at The Lash Lounge and what they may say about you.

Whether you’re already rocking one of these lash looks OR you’re vibing to up your lash game, see which lash service matches your personality.

close-up of woman's brown eye with a full set of classic lash extensions

Personality Match: You and Your Favorite Lashes

Stylishly Soft-Spoken—While low-key and mild may describe you to a tee, this should not be confused with a lack of pride in how you look. In fact, you like to put your best foot forward, your lashes included! But your preference is a more subtle, natural look, making a lash lift and tint the perfect duo for you!

A lash tint gives your natural lashes a subtle, yet noticeable hue further underscored by the lash curl you get from a lash lift. More on how these two services perfectly complement each other, plus before-and-after pics can be found here.

Timeless with a Twist—If you find yourself keeping it classic and leaning towards styles (in fashion and home) that are timeless and will NEVER go out of style, then the ideal lash look for you is our classic lash extension application (pictured).

This popular lash service involves a single lash extension applied to a natural eyelash along your lash line. The result: a clean and timeless look that makes a just enough of a statement.

Happy Go Lucky—Tend to think of yourself as someone who leans towards a timeless look, yet on occasion you like to walk on the wild side? Oh, do we have the PERFECT eyelash extension choice for you: hybrid lash extensions! 

The beauty of this lash application is that it’s a blend of BOTH our classic and volume applications. This meticulous mix lands right in the middle of the two applications, providing just the right fullness AND texture. It’s truly the best of both worlds and if that’s how you tend to roll, hybrid has your name on it! See just how mesmerizing hybrid lashes look here.

Bold and Beautiful—This personality peg speaks for itself! If a bold and beautiful duo describes you to the core, then it’s volume lash extensions you need.

close-up of woman's blue eye with a full set of volume lash extensions

A fan fav here at The Lash Lounge, our volume lashes involve an ultra-light fan of 2–6 extensions to a single natural lash. This supplies your lash line with a stunningly bold look and up to 6x the lashes of our classic application. Swoon over the va-va-va-volume for yourself in the pic to the right.

Valiant and Vivacious—If “go big or go home” is your motto and you always want to make a statement, you’ll have mega love for our mega volume lash extensions! 

The newest lash application added to our services menu, mega volume supplies the ultimate WOW factor when a fan of 7–20 of our lightest lash extensions is applied to your natural lash. If you think our volume lashes look killer, mega adds up to 10x the lashes. See the jaw-dropping beauty for yourself on our Instagram highlight here!

Want more examples of how personalities pair with different lash services? Check out a few shining Lash Lounge guests and which applications they chose.

Give Your Brows a Punch of Personality

While we’re all about lashes and how they allow you to share your personality with the world, your brows don’t need to take a back seat. In fact, lovely lashes and unkempt brows don’t mix! 🙅🏽‍♀️ No matter the lash look you rock, let your brows be the cherry on top with any of the services below.

close-up of woman's face showing her eyebrows after brow lamination
  • Love or want to give it a go? You’re on the right track for adding shape to your natural brows! It’s also the perfect solution for achieving a manicured brow look.
  • Contemplating a color pop to your dull brows? A brow tint will get the job done AND your stylist will help you select a complementary shade to your hair color and skin tone. Your brows will be defined with new color, which will also make them appear fuller.
  • A truly impactful brow look at the top of your list? Two words: brow lamination. This professional brow service gets the job done if you have unruly brows you wish would stay put while also looking lush and full.
  • Another way to give your brows a groomed looked with a precise shape: eyebrow threading! (Wondering: “Where’s eyebrow threading near me?” We got you: click here!)

Express Yourself With Your Lashes and Brows

Life’s too short to not live it to its fullest and this includes a full and fluffy lash line plus shaped and fuller-looking brows. Go for the gusto! Pick a lash service—whether a lash lift and tint or lash extensions—then, while you’re at it, top it off with a brow refresh—from threading and tinting to brow lamination.

Learn More: Preparing For Lash Extensions

You’ll be in awe with how a lash AND brow enhancement will make your personality shine even brighter and you’ll know you aced your look when those around you take notice and shower you with compliments! 🤩

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