Feel Refreshed In The Morning With The Perfect Beauty Routine

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Need a refresh for those morning routine ideas? We got you! From taking time to prep the night before to quick and easy makeup, take these tips to make your early mornings less hectic!

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Morning Routine Ideas To Ace the A.M.

There are a number of things you can do to make the hustle and bustle less stressful as you start your day and we’re sharing our top 4!

1. Prep The Night Before: Lay out clothes for the next day (or if you’re on a roll, do it for the week! 🙌). Get the coffee pot ready and breakfast prepped. Have your morning beauty items out and ready (so you don’t have to dig in a messy drawer!). Even get gas in your car the day before. Any morning “to dos” you can knock out ahead of time will be such a time saver!

2. Wake Up (A Tad) Earlier: Say what?!? We know this one doesn’t sound appealing cause sleep is EVERYTHING, but even if you get up 5 minutes earlier than normal, it can do wonders for feeling less rushed! ⏰

3. Prioritize: Whatever it is that you KNOW you have to do in the mornings, do those things first then if you’re on a roll and not short on time, add in a few more of your tasks save them for later when you’re not in a time crunch.

4. Forgo The Fuss: Keep hair, makeup and outfits simple. Buy pre-packaged snacks so you can throw and go. Keep the coffee basic instead of living your barista dreams (save that for the weekend), the list could go on! But you get it, less fuss in the morning means less stress.

Easy Morning Makeup Routines and Tips

If your schedule allows and you don’t have big plans that require a full face of makeup, keep. it. simple! Here’s how:

  • Tinted Moisturizer: Give your skin some color and hydration for the day by using one single product like a tinted moisturizer.
  • Lash Lift and Tint: Skip the mascara and lash curler and get a lash lift and tint. This combo will embolden your lashes with rich color and curl. AND (our fav part!) you’ll have no smudges to worry about or spend time trying to remove them. These two lash services can do wonders for making your eyes pop and you can probably forgo the eyeliner as well. Another time-saver!
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  • Eyeshadow Sticks: Applying eyeshadow the old fashion way is great, but when you’re in a hurry, try a stick. Simply apply, set with your fingers and you’re done! Like mascara, you’ll forgo any eyeshadow residue on your lash line or face when you use a stick.
  • Brow Threading and Tint: A steady, precise hand to get those brows just right with your trusted brow pencil may be your superpower, but who has time for that in the a.m.?!? Instead, give your brows a manicured shape with threading followed by a tint from The Lash Lounge. Other than a swift sweep to get your brows in shape after sleeping, you won’t spend time getting them to look how you want each morning.

(pictured: brow threading and lash tint)

  • Glossy Lip Balm: Pack your pout with not only a punch of color but choose a lip balm that moisturizes AND has a glossy sheen so you can use one lip product and be done.
  • Lash Extensions: You know we’re gonna save the best for last! Many of our guests here at The Lash Lounge find that they often need very little to no makeup at all once they get lash extensions. They see the transformation that a full lash line gives to their overall look and layers of makeup are no longer necessary. Not only that, since we customize each lash look (no one-size fits all here!), every guest will receive a full set that complements their distinct facial features. If you want the ultimate tip for a good morning routine with no fuss, lash extensions are it!

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Mornings Made Easy with The Lash Lounge

We can’t select your stylin outfits or make your coffee for you (you know we would if we could! 😉). What we can do: Give you effortless lashes and brows to ease your morning routine and give you a look that lasts all day!

Whether lash and brow tinting, threading or a custom full set of lash extensions, let us work our magic to make your mornings a breeze. You’ll be so glad you took that lash and brow leap and just might be able to hit that snooze button or sit with your coffee a little longer!