How Eyelashes (and Eyebrows) Protect Your Eyes

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A close-up of a woman lying down with her eyes closed with lash extensions

Lashes and brows not only give structure to your facial features, but they also help you share expressions and overall make your look unique. But that can’t be the only thing, right? There’s more to our lashes and brows than meets the eye. 👀 In fact, why do we have eyebrows and eyelashes? We’ll tell you: We have them because they play a crucial role in PROTECTING our eyes and keeping them healthy!

So, when it comes to lash and brow services, don’t think twice about giving each a boost. For example, not only will your eyes POP with lash extensions, but the extensions themselves may keep your eyes even safer!

Let’s learn the eye-opening details of how your lashes and brows work their protective, purposeful magic.✨

What are Eyelashes For?

Small and delicate but mighty, lashes play a major role in helping to shield our eyes from a number of things including debris, sweat, and even UV rays (to name a few). Further, eyelashes have nerve endings that help the eye know when to blink. (Fascinating, huh?) Without your eyelashes, our eyes would be red and irritated often. OUCH! 🙅🏽‍♀️

So, How Do Eyelashes Protect the Eye?

For those who have eyelashes with a natural upright curl and great length, you also have a barrier between unwanted irritants that could fall into your eye. The specialized nerve endings in our lashes provide sensory feedback to the brain about the position and movement of eyelashes. This helps trigger you to blink, which can be a response to potential irritants, or even to make sure that your eyes don’t get dry. Blinking clears away debris by distributing tears across the eye. 💧 But lashes don’t just trigger blinking, they even help direct tears to the outer corner of your eye to keep your vision clear and your eyes SAFE.

What are Eyebrows For?

Believe it or not, brows have a protective purpose as well! Like our eyelashes, eyebrows safeguard your eyes by serving as a barrier between falling moisture like sweat, rain or other elements we may encounter. So, how do eyebrows protect the eye? Think of it like this: Your eyebrows are the first line of defense on the soccer field, then your eyelashes are like a goalie! ⚽ They work together to keep your eyes safe and your vision as clear as possible!

Since our brows are angled slightly above our eyes, they also serve as a shield and the arch of our eyebrow prevents sweat and other irritants from running down the face into the eyes. For beautifully arched eyebrows that will protect your eyes and look fab doing it, get brow lamination! This brow service will reposition your brow hairs for a fuller and smoother look that lasts up to six weeks. 😍

A stylist at The Lash Lounge applying professional lash extensions to a woman's lash line

Do Lash Services Enhance Your Eye Safety?

When it comes to our favorite lash services for providing lash curl, length and overall fullness, you may be surprised to know that these services can promote eye safety, too! If you have lackluster lashes or simply love an enhanced lash look, custom lash services can make your natural lashes even more protective.

How do they do it? 🤔 Like the name claims, a lash lift provides curl to your natural lashes which can further help your lashes catch irritants and elements that might otherwise fall into your eye. Similarly, because lash extensions are additional lashes safely adhered to your natural lash line for a fuller, lush lash look, they too can provide a safety shield for your eyes. (Think of it like this: The fuller the lash line, the more protection for your eyes!) And if you really want to know: In our book, eyelash extensions are the ultimate lash superhero!

pictured: a lash lift in progress

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Equip Your Eyes with the Gorgeous Protection They Deserve

Yes, mascara and brow pencils are quick, DIY enhancements, but the second you sweat or get your lashes and brows a little wet, game over! Be ready to welcome runny makeup and smudges. To avoid this AND get an effortless, showstopping look, custom lash and brow services are where it’s at. 🙌 And now you know that when you invest in a service, you’re further enhancing your lashes and brows which will offer your eyes even more eye protection.

If this sounds like a win-win, let The Lash Lounge deliver the perfect services for your lash and brow goals.