Influencer Nikki Baize Shares Makeup Tips and Beauty Routines

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  • July 26th, 2023
Lifestyle influencer and Lash Lounge guest, Nikki Baize, posing in 3 different images placed in a polaroid frame.

Meet Nikki Baize—proud mom, newlywed, lifestyle and beauty influencer, Lash Lounge guest and more! Get an inside look into Nikki’s personal beauty routine and best makeup tips. 

Setting the Tone for the Day: Morning Routine

A morning routine that works for you is key to making sure your day starts off on the right foot! As a busy woman and mom, Nikki has 3 non-negotiables when it comes to her’s: stretching, skincare and matcha! 🍵  

  • After her routine ritual of making up her bed, Nikki jumps right into stretching! She spends 10 minutes stretching in order to wake up her body up and feel good the rest of the day. 
  • Following a refreshing shower, Nikki moves right into her skincare routine. She starts with Skin Pharm’s Gentle Soothing Cleaner which removes all traces of makeup and grime from the skin while delivering nourishing and hydrating benefits. Second, she uses Skin Pharm’s Youth Serum which tightens and firms her skin. Lastly, she uses Josh Rosebrook’s Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum to help offset damage from UV light, brighten and improve her skin tone! 
  • No morning routine is complete without a kick of caffeine and Nikki’s must-have morning drink: matcha! 

When the weekend rolls around, Nikki stays consistent while also leaning into much-needed rest and relaxation.“My routine only differs on Sundays. I use Sundays as a day of rest. I have developed a routine since my college days as an athlete. Having a routine keeps you disciplined and on track for a successful day.”  

Lifestyle influencer and Lash Lounge guest, Nikki Baize, posing in front of a white backdrop while smiling and wearing a green sweater and jeans.

Get the Look: Everyday Makeup Routine

When it comes to Nikki’s look, we’re in awe of her, including her glowing skin. To keep her skin looking flawless and to accentuate her natural features, she uses products like Too-Faced’s Born This Way foundation in the shade Spiced Rum. The rest of her glowy look consists of bronzer, blush and highlighter all from REFY beauty. 

One product Nikki always has in her purse? Laneige’s Lip Glowy Balm in Berry to keep her lips glossed at all times! 💋🍓  

The one beauty tip Nikki would share with others: “Drink lots of water and don’t pick at your face. Picking at your pimples and blemishes leaves unwanted scars!”.  

Nikki’s Number One Beauty Hack

While there are a number of beauty tips, tricks and hacks Nikki could share, there’s one in particular at the top of her list!  “I can only speak from a darker skin complexion’s point of view but when using concealer under the eyes I typically try to use a lighter concealer in the inner corner and then use a slightly darker concealer fading from the middle of the under eye towards the temple. This brightens your eyes and really gives a natural skin tone finish.”  

Lash Extensions. The Key To Her Makeup Routine!

What wraps Nikki’s everyday beauty look together? Her lash extensions! Every 2 weeks Nikki visits her local salon, The Lash Lounge Charlotte – Waverly, to keep her lashes full and fluffed!  

Her signature lash look? A full set of custom volume lash extensions with a D curl. 😍 She perfectly sums up one of the biggest benefits to opting for lash extensions: “Having lash extensions allows me to speed up my makeup routine because I don’t have to cater to my original lashes. I can simply brush out the lash extensions and apply mascara to the bottom lashes and go.” Enough said! 🙌🏾 

Time to Wind Down: Nighttime Routine

After a full and busy day, Nikki is ready to relax, call it a night and get her beauty sleep! After getting her baby boy snug and settled, it’s time for her nighttime routine.  

  • First, she gently removes her makeup.  
  • Next, she cleanses her lash extensions with The Lash Lounge’s Lash Detox foaming cleanser, which gently cleanses the lash line of any makeup, oil or debris on and near her lashes 
  • Lastly, she unwinds with her husband, watches a little tv (usually a reality show!) and on occasion, enjoys a nice glass of wine from their wine cellar! 🍷 
Lifestyle influencer, Nikki Baize, posing on her wedding day.

Nikki’s Wedding Look Glow

As a recent newlywed, Nikki loves to share insight into her wedding beauty look to inspire other brides. While planning for her big day, Nikki always had a clear vision of what she wanted her wedding day makeup to look like: natural with a golden, bronzed glow. ✨  

To bring her wedding day beauty look to life, another thing was at the top of her list: her volume lashes! Prior to her big day, Nikki made sure she booked her lash refill appointment for her volume fill.  

Like most brides, Nikki opted to change up her signature lash look for a truly show-stopping, custom lash appearance. “I vocalized that I wanted my lashes to look as full as possible, but I didn’t switch up the curl type. I went in for a full lash fill a week before and scheduled a half fill a few days later to complete the bold look.” The results? See for yourself just how STUNNING Nikki looked on her wedding day!* 😍 

*Photo by Jennifer Austin Photography.

Be Inspired to Revamp Your Beauty Routine!

Confident, sophisticated and empowered—these are the three words Nikki used to describe how lash extensions make her feel!  

Want to look AND feel the same way? Whether you have a big life event coming up like a wedding, or you simply want to invest in your own beauty routine, we’d love nothing more than to welcome you to The Lash Lounge and customize a look just for you and your lifestyle.  (Find out more about our lash extension process!)

And for even more beauty and lifestyle inspo, be sure to follow Nikki’s INCREDIBLE page on Instagram here!