Make Everyone Think You Have Naturally Curly Eyelashes

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  • August 29th, 2023
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There’s a lot to love about a curled lash look: They’re gorgeously long AND lively. ✨ Unfortunately, we weren’t all born with naturally curled lashes (lucky for you if you were!). Some of us have straight lashes while others have lashes that tend to curl downward!

Achieving naturally curly-looking lashes IS possible for anyone with the right tips, tricks and techniques, and that’s where we come in! 😉

First, Why Won’t My Lashes Curl?

There are 3 big reasons why your lashes may not curl: you might not have the right curling tools for the job, your lashes may be too short or thin, and believe it or not, your age or health status (like an illness) could also be playing a role.

If you’ve ever been at home trying to get a quick lash curl with different DIY methods and not getting good results, know that you’re not alone! Along with the 3 reasons noted above, there are many other reasons your lashes may not want to curl. No matter how often you use that lash curler, let’s figure out why your lashes might not be cooperating:

  1. Your lashes or curling tools are dirty. Oil or old makeup on your lashes or tools can weigh down your lashes and prevent them from holding a tight curl. Work to keep that lash line clean and those tools, too!
  2. Your lashes are too short or thin. We get it, sometimes you just don’t have lashes that want to curl. The direction of your lashes is impacted by the positions of your eyelids. The thickness of your lash hair and length will also play a role in how they curl. For instance, longer lashes tend to naturally curl upwards. The shape of your eyelids and the type of lash hair is also influenced by genetics. It’s completely natural and okay to have lashes that don’t easily curl with DIY lash curl methods (this happens with our hair, too!). That’s where services at The Lash Lounge save the day and truly help curl ANY type of natural lash!
  3. Age or illness. Lashes are anchored into your eyelid with a small muscle called the orbicularis oculi (look at us getting technical)! But with time this muscle will weaken (illness and some medications may also impact the strength of the muscle) causing lashes to shed and fall out. Having fewer lashes can contribute to your lash line looking less curled. Then there are fragile, weakened lashes that are less likely to hold a manual curl.

At The Lash Lounge, we KNOW that everyone can have curly lashes, some lashes just require a little extra love.


How to Curl Lashes

There are many ways you can curl your lashes. While some methods will hold a curl much longer (cough, cough, we’re looking at you, our beloved lash lift!) than others, it can take trying different methods to find one your lashes take to and love.

Here are the main ways you can try to get a naturally curled eyelash look:

  • Classic eyelash curler—An eyelash curler is one of the most common ways to get a quick curl. If you go this route, make sure you use this tool BEFORE you apply mascara and gently curl upwards. Place the tool along your lashes close to the root and apply a bit of pressure. Be sure not to tug. Continue clamping the curler along your lashes until you’ve achieved your desired look. BUT if you’re like us and find a lash curler uncomfortable to use and not ideal for the health of your lashes, this next option is the way to go! AND (best part) it lasts WAY longer than an eyelash curler!
  • Lash extensions—This alternative to lash extensions is THE failsafe way to not only get the curl you want but also the added benefit of longer and fuller-looking lashes that last for weeks—all without additional work on your end!

Curious about lash extensions and how that first visit will go? Watch this: What To Expect At Your First Lash Extension Appointment

close-up of woman's eye after a lash lift service to curl her lashes
  • Lash lift—If you already have naturally full lashes that you love, you may not need (But if you have naturally full lashes this doesn’t mean you have to skip extensions and their many benefits!). A lash lift, aka lash perm, service leaves you with a maintenance-free curl for up to eight weeks. Say goodbye to the lash curler that keeps tugging on your lashes with this semi-permanent eyelash curl by the professionals! 👋🏾
  • Toothbrush curling—Like the spoon method, the toothbrush method is great for curling lashes in a pinch. 🦷 With a toothbrush, some warm water and lashes that need curling, you’re ready to go!
    • How to Curl Your Eyelashes with a Toothbrush—Like almost all lash curl methods, heating the tool, in this case, a clean toothbrush, will help your lashes hold their curl. Start this method by putting your toothbrush in a cup of warm water to heat the bristles.
    • Next, pat dry the toothbrush to remove any water. The bristles on the toothbrush are then brushed through your lashes and held at the tip to push them into a curl. You may have to reheat the toothbrush a few times to keep the method effective. After curling, apply mascara to set the curl.
  • The spoon method—You read that right. A recent lash curl trend is using a spoon to help angle lashes upwards and hold a curl. 🥄 So, when you have no other option and you’re desperate for some lash curl, see if this works for you!
    • How to Curl Lashes with a Spoon—To start, rest the curved part of the spoon, typically just after the front end of the spoon, along your lash line. Next, press your lashes against the outer curved side of the spoon in an upward motion.
    • Continue moving the spoon along your lash line and gently press your lashes until all the lashes you want have been curled. Right after curling your lashes against the spoon, apply mascara in an upward motion to hold the curl. For an extra impactful curl, slightly heat the spoon with a blow dryer before using it to curl your lashes. Be careful not to make it too warm!

There are lots of lash curl methods around, but lash services (like a lash lift and lash extensions) are our favorites because they make it easy to get a maintenance-free curl that lasts WAY longer and for weeks! 🙌

Can I Curl My Lash Extensions?

To keep your beloved lash extensions safe, we recommend staying away from the lash curler. Why? Curlers can tug at your lashes and even break down the adhesive keeping the extensions connected to your natural lashes. But there’s GREAT news: When you have lash extensions you won’t even need to think about curling your lashes since you get to customize your extensions with the curl you want. Choose between a C or D curl for a soft and natural or tight and dynamic look. (Learn more about curl options here)

Emphasize Your Lashes with a Natural-Looking Curl from The Lash Lounge

We LOVE curled eyelashes because they widen the eyes and help you look refreshed and ready for the day. If you’re ready to experience the beauty and maintenance-free benefits of curled lashes from The Lash Lounge, we’re overjoyed to welcome you and create your very own custom CURL!