New Year’s Resolution Ideas You’ll Feel Good About Keeping

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  • July 26th, 2023
a young adult laying on her bed while writing in a journal

Need some inspo for your 2023 resolutions? We have some ideas that you’ll feel good about committing to!

So, What’s a New Year’s Resolution Anyway?

A New Year’s resolution is a promise to yourself to either start doing something to benefit your life or stop doing something that isn’t. As simple as that sounds, sticking to your resolutions can be tricky if you aren’t committing to ones that you actually want! But that’s where we come in to help! 😉

Look Good, Feel Good

Here at The Lash Lounge, we’re firm believers that when your SHINE radiates from the inside out, you feel your absolute best. Feeling like your outer shine could match your inner shine a bit more? Here’s an idea: commit to a resolution of regularly practicing self-care habits that make you look as good as you feel!

Here are some approachable ways to do this. 👇🏼

a woman laying down in service spa-bed while having lash extensions applied

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Create a Glowing Skin-Care Routine

Ever taken a look at what type of skincare products may be best for your skin type? Do a little research! For example, if you’re struggling with dark spots, give a vitamin c serum a go! Noticing fine lines? Invest in a quality retinoid!  

🔑 The key here: commit to a routine you can do daily! 

Find a Fitness Routine That Works For You

Creating and sticking to a new fitness routine is arguably one of the hardest resolutions. Here are some tips to make it happen:  

💪 Figure out what type of routine works with your lifestyle, instead of against it. (This will make it much easier to stick to that routine!) 

🏃🏽‍♀️ Focus on exercise that you innately enjoy—yoga, jogging, pilates, walking, dedicated gym days… there is no one size fits all here!  

Less Stress is Best!

We all know this one, but if you’re tired of letting day-to-day stresses get the best of  you, take note of what’s causing the stress! Consider what you can remove or step back from to eliminate any unnecessary stress as possible. 🧐 

Luckily, there are actually so many ways to do this. Like anything else, you just need to stick to it to reap the benefits. See our ideas below! ⬇️ 

A bedroom with a comfy bed and a shelf above it, plants and eyelash decals on the wall.

Sleep, Sleep and MORE Sleep!

Getting a full night’s sleep on a regular basis is CRUCIAL to managing stress and feeling like your best self. Best thing you can do: aim for 7–9 hours every single night.  

A few ways to make this easier:👇🏼 

🛏 Give your bed a makeover with new sheets, ultra-cozy comforter and a super soft throw blanket. The comfier, the better—you’ll look forward to crawling into bed every night and we’ll bet, the better you’ll sleep!

💤 Stay off your phone before bed! We know it’s SO hard but keeping off social media at bedtime will do wonders when it comes to falling asleep at a decent time and allowing your mind, body and eyes REST!  

😴 Invest in some sleep essentials! A diffuser with lavender essential oil to calm you, a sleeping mask (like our 3D Contoured one!), a white noise machine—the list is endless! 

Start Journaling!

A great way to start a new year, reflect AND be more aware of what truly matters in your life, is by keeping a daily journal. How will this help? You’ll be able to monitor your day-to-day mood and see what causes you to spiral or feel certain ways! You’ll also feel a sense of relief after writing out your feelings instead of harboring them inside. If you need a little motivation to get yourself to do this one, we have some suggestions: 

📔 Buy a cute notebook (that you’ll actually want to use) and some colorful pens! You’ll look forward to using them every day.  

🤳 Search for journal prompts on the internet—Pinterest is a great place to start! This helps take a lot of the brain work out of journaling and allows you to get straight to writing.

New Year, Beautiful You!

Whether you choose one of our ideas or come up with your own, the most important thing is that you head into 2023 more confident than ever! And know this: however you decide to blaze your way through the new year, it’s a start and that’s all that matters. 

And as always, The Lash Lounge is here to help you maintain your lash and brow goals all year long! 😉