“See It  in My Eyes”:  How Lashes Say It All Without a Word

woman wearing mask with lashes as part of "See It in My Eyes" campaign from The Lash Lounge

During our “See It in My Eyes” campaign, we’re highlighting how some very special guests are speaking to the world with their lashes, especially now that refreshed lash lines are completely stealing the show in our new mask culture!

 SELF-LOVE:  See It in  LaConia’s  Eyes  woman with leopard print mask models volume lashes from The Lash Lounge as part of the "See It in My Eyes" campaign during COVID-19

Exercising, meditating, eating healthy and  getting lash extensions  are just some of the ways  LaConia, guest  of  The Lash Lounge Sandy Springs – Chastain Park, practices self-love.  You can imagine how tough the COVID-19 quarantine was for her!

But  when  that  joyful day finally arrived for  LaConia  to return to The Lash Lounge, she  was greeted by the  warm welcome  she had missed so much.  After her relaxing service with expert stylist  Diamone, she took one look at her  fresh set of  “volume: level 3” lashes  with a  D curl and  was stunned by  the gorgeous results!

“When I have my lashes done,  I feel like I can walk into the world  with my head held high and show the world I  belong,  and I am here!  I  just want to put on my best dress, slip into my dancing shoes and dance the night away!”

REJUVENATION: See It in Katerina’s Eyes

As a business owner and mom, guest Katerina from The Lash Lounge Austin – Mueller keeps a very busy schedule. When time allows, she loves to surf, swim and work out. With such an active lifestyle, she relies on her lash extensions to make it easy for her to get out the door quickly while looking her best! woman with mask wears extreme volume lashes from The Lash Lounge as part of the "See It in My Eyes" campaign during COVID-19

During quarantine, she truly missed waking up with lash extensions; it allowed her to start every day, rejuvenated! Plus, no appointments meant missing her relaxing “me time” during lash refills.

Once her salon was able to reopen, she was ecstatic to get some time to herself once again! Check out her outstanding new “volume: level 3” lashes with a dreamy D curl!

“It felt good to finally have some “me time.” I’m a mom of a 9-year-old and, let me tell you, we all need a little break sometimes to do something unapologetically selfish!”

Speak Through YOUR Eyes!

Bringing our guests’ lash lives back to life has been such a guiding light as we continue to emerge from COVID-19.

Remember, through your eyes, you can say so much!  Find a salon in your area  and let The Lash Lounge help you tell your story!