Fresh Facts: Showering with Eyelash Extensions

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Wondering if showering is okay for lash extensions? We’re “cleaning up” the debate and sharing some helpful tips for the next time you splish and splash!

Water + Eyelash Extensions

The misconception that water and lash extensions don’t mix is something we’ve been debunking for a while now. Don’t worry:

It’s okay to take a dip in the pool, soak in the tub and, yes, take a shower, too, when you have lash extensions!

Here at The Lash Lounge, our expert stylists apply just the right amount of adhesive to cure the bonds on your individual extensions, so they stick tight, right where they belong.

Remember, Just Wait 8 Hours First!

However, there is one time you’ll need to avoid water with eyelash extensions, and that’s after your lash appointment:

Wait 8 hours after your appointment before getting your lashes wet. 

This will allow the adhesive bond to set. After that, you’re free to shower away!

4 Things to Remember When Showering with Lash Extensions

Since we use medical-grade adhesive to attach your extensions to your natural lashes, you can shower as you please!

While you’re sudsing up, follow these 4 tips to protect and preserve your lashes for the long run.

1. Refrain from Rubbing or Scrubbing Your Eyes

If you’re a person who loves a good face scrub while showering, think twice. Why? 🤔 Strong rubbing, tugging or any type of friction applied to your lashes can damage them.

Our go-to rule of thumb: The less you mess with your eyelash extensions, the longer these beauties will last.

 2. Steer Clear of the Shower Jets

While it may feel fantastic, the surge of water coming from a strong shower head can cause friction and damage your lash extensions.

If you’re hooked on that refreshing face of H2O, give goggles a thought. We get it! It seems silly to shower with goggles on, but keeping your lashes protected is always a priority.

3. Survey Your Shower Products

Consider the products you’re using while showering. This is because many bodywashes, lotions and soaps contain alcohol and oil. These 2 ingredients are not lash-extension friendly because they can break the bond of the adhesive and cause the extension to detach from your natural lash.

The good news is if you’re ever unsure about any products you’re using on or near your lash line, bring them to your next appointment and let your expert stylist check them out!

4. Give Your Lashes a Brush After Showering

Once you’re squeaky clean, grab a fresh lash wand and give your lash line a gentle comb-through to keep them fluffed and in place.

Don’t have a lash brush handy? Check out this list of lash wand alternatives, plus some simple tips on the proper way to brush your beloved lashes.

 “Soak Up” More About Life with Lash Extensions

Now that you’re “in the know” about showering with lash extensions, refresh your memory with more maintenance and aftercare tips.

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