The Proper Way to Comb Your Lashes + Lash Wand Alternatives

Lash wand brushing lash extensions at The Lash Lounge

Whether you have lash extensions or you’re blessed with beautiful, natural lashes, combing and fluffing them regularly is essential. How you brush them is also important. Don’t worry—it’s simple!

Get all the lash combing tips and tricks from our resident expert, Corporate Stylist Trainer Shelley, in the video below, including at-home items you can safely use if you don’t have a lash wand handy. Pretty soon, you’ll be restoring all the “fluff” to your lash line!

Your Trusted Combing Tool: The Lash Wand

If you’re a lash extension veteran, then you have lots of lash wands lying around. If not, don’t worry! You can always purchase one of our fancy crystal lash wands at the salon, online, at your local beauty supply store…or you can get creative with a safe and clean makeshift lash wand at home!

Disposable Lash/Mascara Wands

In the video, Shelley mentions a disposable mascara wand. This synthetic wand contains dense brush fibers. It works on all lash types, though particularly well on thick, voluminous lash lines. For a better quality brush that works the same way, again-our crystal lash wand is fantastic!

She also mentions a silicone wand; like a regular disposable wand, these can be used on all lash types. The only difference between wands is that, when it comes to brush fibers, the silicone wand’s are more sparse, which works well for separating lashes.

Magical Makeshift Items to Use to Brush Your Lashes

What’s a girl to do if she doesn’t have a lash wand handy? Fear not! There are items you probably have at home that will work. Some might even be a fun little DIY project!

See below for some lash wand alternatives and, remember, no matter what you end up using, always make sure it’s clean before combing your lashes!

Use a Recycled Mascara Wand

If you have mascara in your cosmetic bag you’re not using anymore, you’re in luck. You can repurpose it by cleaning it off with water (and baby shampoo if you have it on hand) and removing all the mascara residue from the brush. Once the water is clear, then you know your brush is clean. Let it air-dry and then it’s ready to use!

Find a Fine-Tooth Comb

If you have a drawer or bin of brushes and combs, then you probably have a fine-tooth comb somewhere in there. When selecting a comb, you want to pick one with the “teeth” of the comb positioned closely together. Very fine combs work the best!

Repurpose A Toothbrush

Whether it’s an old, clean toothbrush you have on hand or a nice inventory of travel toothbrushes you’ve stashed away, you can use this to comb your lashes, too!

First, take your toothbrush and trim the two outer layers of bristles, leaving the middle row of bristles longer. To see exactly how your toothbrush should look after a little trim, see Shelley’s toothbrush in the video.

Use a Pipe Cleaner (From Your Craft Box)

We know what you’re thinking…a pipe cleaner?!? Yep, it sounds strange, but is another magical makeshift item you can use to brush your lashes.

First, take your pipe cleaner and fold it to make a teardrop shape, then twist the ends together leaving a little “handle” at the bottom you can hold on to, to comb-through your lashes.

How to Brush Your Eyelashes (With and Without Extensions) in 3 Simple Steps

Now that you have your lash wand ready, let’s discuss how to properly comb your lashes in three simple steps!

With or without eyelash extensions, the brushing method is more or less the same. However, when you have lash extensions, you do need to be extra gentle when combing. Like Shelley demonstrates, to brush your lashes properly, you should do the following:

STEP 1: Take your lash brush and apply it to the top of your lash line.

STEP 2: Delicately roll your brush downward, through your lashes and then out at the end of your lashes.

STEP 3: If you find you still need a bit more fluff, you can take your lash wand and start under the base of your lashes and brush upward. This will give them the same fluff with a little extra lift.

Brushing this way is safe for your lashes (especially with extensions) and will really get through your lash line without pulling or tugging.

When to Brush Your Lashes

Giving your lashes a soft and quick brush anytime is always a good idea. The best times, however, are when you first wake up (since your lashes can get a little wonky after sleeping), after applying makeup, after showering and after cleansing your lash line.

Brushing Your Lashes After Applying Your Makeup

Combing your lashes after applying powdery cosmetics like eyeshadow or face powder can remove any residue left on your lash line. When it comes to mascara, comb your natural lashes before applying it so you’re not applying the mascara on top of the powder residue. If you don’t brush your lashes before applying your mascara, you may notice your lashes clump together due to the remaining residue on your lash line.

Brushing Your Lashes After a Shower or After Washing Your Face

After showering or cleansing your lashes, you will want to brush them. First, let them air- dry, then give them a soft comb-through to gently separate the lashes. This will give them that flawless, fluffy lash look you love so much.

The Beauty + Benefits of Brushing Your Lashes Daily

Spending 15–20 seconds sweeping through your lashes each day will do wonders for putting stray lashes in place and keeping your lash line fluffed. It will also help your extensions last longer, too! Now that you know the proper brushing techniques and the tools you can use to brush your eyelashes, you’re all set!

More Lash Tips from Our Training Tribe Coming Soon!

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