The Lash Lounge Training Team: See It in Our Eyes

The Lash Lounge's "See it in my eyes" campaign

From having passion to being resilient to keeping the faith, see what our expert training team is saying with their eyes in our new COVID, mask-wearing reality.

PASSION and PURPOSE: See it in Ambrielle’s Eyes

Our Corporate Stylist Trainer Ambrielle is a shining light! From her career as a lash educator to how she lives her life, there’s one thing she constantly exudes…and that is passion!

Have you seen Ambrielle on Training Takeover Tuesdays? If not, be sure to tune in to Instagram stories every Tuesday. Catch her hosting and you’ll get a front-row seat to passion in action!

REAL and RESILIENT: See It Shine in Shelley’s Eyes

Shelley, another fellow corporate stylist trainer at The Lash Lounge, is a ray of sunshine, who’s all about keeping it real! How do we know? Because we see resilience in her eyes!

Shelley’s message reminds us that, just like lashes spring back into shape after a nice comb-through, so do we as people, as a busines and as a community. That is what being resilient is all about!

Fearless with FAITH: See It in Candace’s Eyes

Over the past several months, we’ve all needed something to lean on. For Candace, the newest lash expert extraordinaire to join our training team, that something has been faith!

Thank you, Candace, for letting your faith shine through your eyes and for reminding us that it’s always there, even when we can’t see it.

See It in My Eyes…Continued!

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