How Long Does Wedding Hair & Makeup Take?

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  • January 3rd, 2022
bride with lash extensions getting hair done for her wedding

Wedding Lashes: Glam-Extenders and Time-Savers

Your wedding day will breeze by—it will probably be the fastest day of your life! But before you can get down the aisle, you’ve got to get GLAM.

If eyelash extensions are one of your wedding beauty must-haves, you’re on your way to a more relaxed wedding day. Rather than working on your big day to get a flimsy lash strip on just right, leave your lashes to professionals well before the nuptials!

When you get custom eyelash extensions they will not only fit, complement your eye shape and match your desired wedding-day look, but they will also save you precious time on your wedding day—and stay looking beautiful for two weeks after your wedding.

For makeup, hair and any other beauty services on your agenda, see our timetable below.  These tips will help make your big-day beauty routine 100% stress-free 🙌🏼 AND (most important) give you EXACTLY the look you want!

First, How Long Does Wedding Hair & Makeup Take?

Bridal hair and makeup should take approximately 60-90 minutes on the day of your wedding. Keep in mind that this number can vary based on the style you have your heart set on. For example, if you go for a beautiful updo, know that more time could be required.

When it comes to booking bridal trial appointments with your hairstylist and makeup artist, booking ahead of time is ALWAYS recommended. Why? 🤷🏼 This will ensure that you and your stylist have plenty of time to plan your day-of schedule. (Because no bride wants to be rushed on her big day!)

Another thing to keep in mind for your wedding day glam schedule: You’ll likely be the final one to get beautified. This means that your bridesmaids will go first, and you will probably go last. But don’t let this scare you. Going last is a GOOD thing when timed just right! Your hair and makeup will be fresh and ready to walk down that aisle! 👰🏽

closeup of eye with a full set of hybrid eyelash extensions

Wedding Lashes: The Finishing Touch to Your Bridal Style

Who likes fighting with false eyelash strips or the feeling of crusty eyelash glue? NO ONE, especially not a bride on the most important day of her life! Plus, falsies don’t look great 👎🏼 (not even in photos)—especially after those emotional vows and dancing the night away at your reception.

Professional lash extensions from The Lash Lounge make the day of your wedding easier and more relaxing, leaving you feeling b-e-a-u-tiful and confident! Lash extensions also eliminate lash strip mishaps and the chance of misplaced glue. With lash extensions applied by the experts, there will be no clumpy or smudged mascara, or need to reapply after a heartfelt toast by your bestie. 😭 The moral of the story: custom lash extensions applied by a trained lash stylist (like we have here at The Lash Lounge) are just what you need to perfect and protect your bridal look.

When to Get Eyelash Extensions Before Your Wedding

If you’re a bride-to-be thinking about lash extensions, we encourage you to get them as soon as possible! We’re talking at least 2-3 months BEFORE your wedding, so you have plenty of time to work with your lash stylist to customize your one-of-a-kind look.

Ready to get started? Here’s how it goes:

  • Your first eyelash extension appointment will include a consultation where your trained stylist will help you choose the lash application and details that are just right for your natural lashes, eyes and shape of your face.
  • After the lash magic happens, you’ll be in awe of how much your new lash look has transformed your appearance! (Just think how gorgeous your lashes will look once you have your wedding makeup, hair AND dress on. WOW!)
  • To keep your new, flawless lashes looking their best and wedding-day ready, be sure to keep up with your lash refill appointments, which should be scheduled every two weeks.
  • Finally, lock that final pre-wedding-day appointment in as soon as possible so you get the date and time reserved and on your calendar.

Your Wedding Beauty Checklist

Remember: your 60–90-minute day-of makeup and hairstyling estimate ONLY includes hair and makeup. Nails and lash services can, and should, be done well in advance of your big day.

So how about a little wedding beauty recap and checklist ✔️?

2-3 months prior to your big day:

  • Book your first lash extension appointment at your local Lash Lounge.
  • Schedule your hair and makeup consultations. (Tip: Schedule these after your first appointment at The Lash Lounge so you can see the full picture WITH your gorgeous new lashes. Bonus points if you schedule your hair and makeup trial for the same day … talk about being a proactive bride! 👏🏽)
  • Getting a spray tan? Schedule a trial run in advance, just like you will for hair and makeup. (Tip: Ask your lash technician about any advice they have for spray tanning with lash extensions so you can keep your lash line protected while you get your tan on.)
  • If your nail salon takes appointments, go ahead and book your manicure 💅🏼 and pedicure for the day and time that you want before your wedding date.
  • Need some additional pre-wedding pampering? Make an appointment for a much-needed massage!

The week of your wedding:

  • Visit The Lash Lounge for your pre-scheduled lash refill appointment. (Think your brows might need some love, too? 🤔 Schedule a brow service at the same time you schedule your pre-wedding lash refill appointment.)
  • Get your spray tan and nails done. (Tip: Two days before your wedding for each of these services is recommended.)

And FINALLY, on your wedding day:

  • Relax 🙏🏼
  • Enjoy every second of the wedding glam process (and those stunning lashes) that YOU worked so hard to perfect ahead of time!
  • Have a mimosa (or two!) 🍾
  • Laugh with your bridesmaids (and take lots of selfies)
  • Gaze into the mirror. Admire what a GORGEOUS bride you are! 🤩

Wedding Lashes—Your Ticket to the Perfect Wedding-Day Look

Convinced that eyelash extensions are the icing on the (wedding) cake when it comes to your wedding-day look? Good! Because they will make you look and FEEL like a million bucks. Plus, they’re one of the few beauty services you can customize before your wedding AND enjoy during all the festivities in between.

So, don’t wait! Make wedding lashes a part of your big day—and get ready to be a STUNNING show-stopping bride! Planning a destination wedding in the United States? Luckily, we have over 100 salons across the country so you can conveniently find a salon in your hometown to get your custom lash-look started, and then book your final lash appointment in your wedding city. Super effortless and easy!

Let your wedding lashes journey begin!