Lash Lift Do’s and Don’ts

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You finally treated your lashes to a gorgeous boost: a lash lift! 🙌 You’re probably wondering how you can maintain your fresh curl for as long as possible. Can you get them wet? Are you able to wear mascara? Luckily, you can follow our simple lash lift do’s and don’ts right after your appointment.

What Not to Do After a Lash Lift

There’s just a few don’ts you need to follow to keep your lovely lash lift on point. These simple (but crucial!) tips should be followed in the first 24-hours after your appointment.

  • Avoid steam, sweat and tears: This is the PERFECT opportunity (and excuse) to postpone your gym workout and take the day to relax. Avoid getting your lashes wet from sweaty environments, water or tears. 💦 Exposure to moisture can make that perfect curl drop.
  • No side or stomach sleeping: We know what you’re thinking… this is going to be a tough one. But trust us—it will be worth it! Take the first night sleeping on your back to avoid lying on your face and applying pressure to your lashes. 🛌 You’ll thank yourself the next morning when you look in the mirror and you see your lash lift is still intact!
  • Ditch the mascara: Give your lashes a breather from any eye makeup. Applying mascara too soon can weaken the lashes and ultimately impact the curl from your service. Want an extra boost of color immediately? Consider getting a tint with your lash lift! If you get a tint at your lash appointment, aftercare remains easy to keep your fresh curl and color popping.

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What to Do After a Lash Lift

After the first 24-hours following your service, aftercare gets even easier! Here’s how you can treat your eyelashes in between your Lash Lounge visits and keep them so fresh and so clean:

Close Up of Green Eye with a Lash Lift
  • Treat yourself to skincare: Luckily, getting a lash lift doesn’t mean you have to tip-toe around how you do your skincare routine. Once that 24-hour window is up, you can cleanse your face like normal! Be sure to wash your face gently and prevent any strong rubbing along the lash line. Planning to wear makeup with your lift? Include our top-notch makeup remover product in your routine. ✨
  • Comb your lashes: You brush your hair in the morning to give your mane a smooth, voluminous look, so why wouldn’t you do the same for your lashes?! Take a few seconds in the morning to comb through your lash line with a clean lash wand. 🌟 This subtle step will make a difference in preventing tangles and keep them fluffy and curled all day long.
  • Use a lash serum: This step is completely optional, but if you’re looking to give your lashes some extra care then this one’s for you! A lash growth serum will enhance the appearance of your eyelashes, condition your lashes AND make them appear longer and stronger! Just use it once a day and you can expect to see results in as little as 1 month. Our rec ➡️ Purchase NeuLash Professional ™, a high-quality serum we carry in our salons.  Grab it during your next appointment!

Effortless Lash Lift Rules 

By following these easy lash lift rules, you’ll love how low maintenance your beauty routine will be — especially compared to the time spent using mascara and an old lash curler (that might not even hold a curl for that long.) Plus, you’ll maintain your results for up to 8 weeks! 💜 Our expert lash stylists are here to give you a custom lash look that’ll have you shining day after day!

Ready to enjoy a carefree, natural lash look? Book your appointment today! ⬇️