Lash Refills: The Eye-Opening Details of Maintenance

close up of lashes getting refilled by stylist at The Lash Lounge

Keeping up with your lash refill appointments is a must, which is why we’re sharing expert advice from one of our seasoned corporate trainers and a Lash Lounge owner. Take note!

Expert Explanations: What Does Lash Extension Maintenance Really Mean?


Good lash refill maintenance means keeping your lash line full and most importantly, healthy! The importance of this is something our corporate trainer, Shelley French, knows all too well. For years, she’s had a front row seat to the profound difference between a guest who practices good refill maintenance compared to someone who does not.


To ensure your lashes stay healthy and full and your refills a breeze, Shelley’s got 4 expert tips:

1. Come in every two weeks for your refill appointment.

2. Use lash extension-safe products at all times.

3. Clean your lashes daily (we can’t stress this one enough!).

4. Refrain from rubbing, tugging or pulling on your lashes.

What’s the biggest takeaway here? Those biweekly refills are a must and so is how you’re caring for your lashes when you’re not in the salon!



When you properly take care of your lashes outside the salon, it shows. You’re our model guest! Your lash line stays full and your stylist is a happy camper because she can spend the majority of your appointment adding new lashes.

On the flip side, if you don’t give your lash extensions the same attention between fills, your lashes lose. Your stylist will be required to spend more time cleaning your lash extensions and potentially maneuvering between natural lashes that have experienced premature shedding due to poor care. This could mean fewer natural lashes healthy enough for lash extensions. Nobody wants that!


The pressure of having to remember to make your refill appointments or trying to book one, only to find out that your stylist’s schedule is full, is no fun. Alleviating that stress is simple. Just sign up for a convenient membership! Keeping up with your lash refills will be a breeze because you’ll be able to get those biweekly appointments set in advance with your trusted stylist.


Yvonne Chmielowiec, owner of The Lash Lounge Charlotte – Waverly, has seen first-hand, the importance of keeping up with a steady refill schedule. Like all Lash Lounge owners and salons, Yvonne’s goal is to keep each of her guest’s lash lines lush, full and, most importantly, healthy. “As a salon owner, the issue of lash refill maintenance was something I truly became more aware of when I took an even closer look at our membership program. The guests who had not signed up for a membership were often coming in every 3 weeks (instead of 2), which led them down a road of being on a constant chase to regain that fullness factor again. This truly opened my eyes (and my stylists’ eyes) to not only the importance of the guest coming in every 2 weeks, but also the importance of our membership model.”

Yvonne hit the nail on the head when it comes to how refill maintenance and memberships go hand in hand! Did you know most people shed 20% of their natural lashes every 2 weeks? Yep, even with lash extensions, which means that when your natural lash falls out, your extension goes right along with it. If you’re not sustaining that routine 2-week refill schedule, then you’ll be back with an empty slate of extension-less lashes. Sad face!

But, there’s good news! A Lash Lounge membership makes keeping that lash line full, your pocketbook happy and scheduling biweekly appointments easy-peasy! With a membership, you get your 2 essential refills a month at a members-only discounted price. You’ll also enjoy extra benefits like 10% off additional services, all products, add-ons and even upgrades. So, become a Lash Lounge member, enjoy the perks and get excited for that full lash line, ALL the time!

Regular Relaxation at a Lash Lounge Near You

One of the best things about maintaining refills with our membership program is that you will have regular relaxation to look forward to when life gets hectic…not to mention all the customizable lash looks to choose from!

Looking for a salon? Find a location near you and book online if you don’t already have an appointment. We can’t wait to see you and your lashes!