Prioritizing Self-Care for YOU (and Your Lashes) in 2020

  • Published
  • Last Updated
  • September 14th, 2022
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As we prepare to say so long to 2019 and start a fresh new year, don’t let you or your lashes go by the wayside. Here are some things to try on for size so you can prioritize self-care, feel on top of the world and be ready to tackle anything and everything 2020 may bring!


It’s easy to start the new year with new goals, but are YOU one of them? Take the plunge right out of the gate. Try one of the many things you have filed away under “one day” today!

young girl laughing and smiling while doing yoga on a beach
  • Get that cute, maintenance-free haircut you’ve stewed over in 2019.
  • Sign up for that fresh meal delivery service to make dinner prep easier. (Sure, it may be a bit pricey, but sometimes splurging on something that makes life a little easier is SO worth it!)
  • Show up for that yoga class your friend is always inviting you to.
  • Make that appointment at The Lash Lounge for a flawless full set of lash extensions you’ve seen all of your friends rock this year.

You will be in awe when you notice how empowered you feel when you finally take a chance on YOU!


At times, all we need for a refreshing boost is to change things up a bit. Whether personally or professionally, edit your routine to get a new lease on life in 2020.

an adult woman holding a cup of black coffee

Change Up the Usual

It may sound silly, but even the smallest change can give you leave you exhilarated!

  • Calling all coffee lovers! Treat yourself to that $5 cup of joe once a week instead of the stale office coffee you endure each day. That work to-do list just might get tackled a little faster thanks to that better caffeine boost!
  • Take another route to work that’s perhaps a bit more scenic and visually inspiring as you start your day. It’s incredible how much a change of scenery can make you feel rejuvenated!
  • Toss in the towel when it comes to those boring or worn-out wardrobe staples and take advantage of New Year’s Day deals and steals. (It’ll be time to put those gift cards you’ve rack up over the holidays to good use!) Purchase some fresh threads that’ll give your look and overall confidence a much-needed makeover!


Say Goodbye to The Basic Beauty Grind

If you’re tired of that time-sucking, step-by-step beauty routine without stellar results, it’s time to prioritize a new lease on your beauty life and practice some self-care. The best way to do that is to transform your lashes!

Lash Extensions

From classic to volume to hybrid to mega volume,* we have a variety of customizable application methods and lash looks for anyone and everyone! Each option will create a new look that’s all your own.

The best part? The need to wear a full face of makeup will be totally optional since those new luxe lashes will give your eyes a pretty pop that will completely refresh your look. You’ll also swoon over the time you will save since your daily makeup routine will be at a minimum.

Classic eyelash extensions (level 3) from The Lash Lounge with a D curl.

Lash Lift

If you’re ready to toss that uncomfortable curling tool in the trash and give your flat or straight lashes a new and improved look, then you’re ready for a life-changing lash lift! Alongside your stylist, you’ll determine whether you’d like a gradual or strong curl—we can do both!

You’ll love that a lash lift lasts MUCH longer than swipes of mascara or a squeeze from that pesky curling tool. We’re talking 6 to 8 weeks longer! Hooray for another simplified beauty routine option, plus an updated look to love!

Lash Tint

From selecting the best color for your lashes to suggesting a shade that complements both your skin tone and natural lovely locks, our trained stylists will help you customize a lash tint service. The combination of the application itself and the expertise of your stylist will offer you riveting eyelash tinting results.

*Mega volume at select salons only.

Lash Services Near Me?

So, are you finally ready to turn some heads in 2020 and enjoy that new streamlined beauty routine? Conveniently select a salon near you, schedule an appointment online and be on your way to your new and improved life…or should we say “lash life”?


To be truly be kind to yourself, it’s so important to reflect on how you spend your time—and who you spend it with. Is it what matters most?

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  • Do you find yourself missing out on those book club nights with the girls ’cause life just seems too busy? What can you do to make it happen? Have the fam order pizza? Delegate the homework duties to your other half? Whatever it is, there’s almost always a way to make things work.
  • Will it kill you if you push the laundry a day and instead go to The Lash Lounge to get your lashes and brows done? You can’t undervalue a lash nap!

You will feel even more productive and rejuvenated if you give yourself time, well, to yourself. Sure, the laundry will still be there, but your body, mind and soul will be better equipped to tackle the task!

We make a lot of priorities as we step into a new year. This year, it’s time for #1 on that list to be YOU!