The Evolution of the Eyebrow | Eyebrow Trends Over Time

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  • August 8th, 2022
closeup of woman applying makeup to her brows

Eyebrow styles over the years have changed considerably. Look back with us at some of the biggest eyebrow trends and the techniques used to achieve these looks.

100 Years of Eyebrow Styles to Inspire You

Shape, color, volume—eyebrow styles have helped to define decades of beauty! From the pencil-thin brows of the nineties to the thick and feathered brows of 2021, eyebrows accentuate facial features, express feelings, protect your eyes and more. 🌟

Thinking about giving your own brows a boost? After careful research, consideration and consultation, the new year is THE perfect time to do it! And since we know a new eyebrow style can be both thrilling and nerve-wracking, take note of how eyebrow styles have evolved over the years and see which style speaks to you. Afterall, your brows are a prominent and defining part of your face!

Why Does Eyebrow Shape Matter?

Your eyebrows can do so much more than make a fashion statement or be on trend with the times—the right shape can positively frame your face, accentuate your best features, and help convey who you are.

From a hard-angled brow that creates lines and definition on a round face, to a subtly rounded brow that softens angular faces, finding the shape that’s right for you is a great way to emphasize your natural beauty and help you feel confident and put-together every day.

Let your eyebrow fashion bring out your CONFIDENCE and a love for your unique features!

The Evolution of Eyebrows Through the Decades

Looking for inspiration for your 2022 brow-do? See how eyebrow trends have evolved through the years and be inspired to up your own brow game at The Lash Lounge!

close up of a woman from the 1920s

1920s: Thin and Downward Arched

In a period of silent films, long, thin and rounded eyebrows that moved straight across the face until arching down at the temple were a popular style. To highlight facial expressions, this shape was often penciled-in to give a drooping effect that gave someone a softer and more dramatic look. As moving pictures grew in popularity, women everywhere wanted the celebrity eyebrow look and opted for their own thin and round-arched brows.

1930s: Strong and Full

Like the eyebrow shape of the 1920s, women kept their brows longer across their face and penciled-in, however, brows now started to become fuller and with a more prominent arch. ✏️ During this decade there was a shift from the thin look to a darker, bolder and more powerful statement-making brow.

closeup of a woman from the 1940s

1940s: Bold and Natural

Taking inspiration from the 1930s full brow, the 1940s held onto the bold effect. However, women in this period wanted a more natural-looking brow. More natural shapes and a lighter hand, rather than heavy pencil lines, were used to create this look.

1950s: Arched and Pointed

Inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, among other Hollywood icons, a full brow with a prominent arch and point at the end was a staple of the decade. 📽️ At this time people were beginning to experiment more with makeup and would use eyeshadow to fill in their eyebrows for a full yet natural look.

closeup of a woman from the 1960s

1960s: Small and Neat

In the 1960s, bold eyelashes were all the rage leading eyebrows to take a backseat and simply help frame the eye. 👁️ Short and understated brows became the common trend.

1970s: The Thin High Arch

In an era of the flower child and disco queen, bold eye makeup reigned supreme. 🌸 Women wanted exaggerated eyelashes and bright eyeshadow rather than thick noticeable brows. Thin and high arched eyebrows helped frame heavy eyeliner and colorful eyeshadow.

closeup of a woman from the 1980s

1980s: Big and Bold

The full brow dominated the ‘80s. From a thick and brushed up look, to untamed and bushy, natural and unruly was the way to go!

1990s: Thin and Light

Taking a hard turn away from the big and full brow look of the ‘80s, eyebrows in the ‘90s favored a low-arched look. Thin and natural brows that were not overly filled were seen on models and in magazines across the newsstands.

closeup of a young woman from the 2000s

2000s: Barely There

The 2000s held onto the thin and overplucked look. However, now brows were also being penciled in to look a bit fuller and darker. The use of brow pencils highlighted just how thin the brows truly were during this time.

2010s: The Natural Brow Revival

As women started to permanently damage or  lose their brows from overplucking, natural and fuller brows became popular again. Models, such as Cara Delevingne, and women everywhere, embraced bold eyebrows. This prominent feature became a means of self-expression experimented through fun colors and shapes—such as bleaching or butterflying the brow hairs in various directions.

Eyebrows Today: Finding What Fits You

Today, women are using their own features and personal style to determine their individual brow look. As decades of trial and error have shown us, different eyebrow shapes and application techniques can complement faces differently. 💖

While we love a good trend, there’s so much more to determining the best brow look for YOU. In fact, your best eyebrow style can be influenced based on the shape of your face.

See these classic face and brow shape combinations:

  • Oval or Round Face: Try a long brow with an intentional arch to help lengthen the appearance of your face.
  • Long Face: A shorter, flat brow may help a long face appear shorter.
  • Heart or Square Face: If you have a face with defined lines, such as high-cut cheekbones or a prominent jawline, rounded eyebrows can help add a softer feature to your face.

Not Sure What Eyebrow Style Is Best for You?

One the fence about which brow style is best for you? Our expert stylists at The Lash Lounge are ready to help! During your consultation the two of you can work together to determine the perfect brow look for you AND your personal style!   ✨