About Us

The Lash Lounge CEO and Founder, Anna Phillips

The Lash Lounge Story

The Lash Lounge™ is a high-end, beauty salon specializing in semi-permanent eyelash extensions. We offer our clients more than just a beautiful set of eyelashes. Our mission is to provide each client with a low-maintenance beauty routine, a simplified lifestyle and a new definition of confidence. The once well-kept Hollywood secret has become a regular beauty treatment for women across the world and more women are discovering the benefits of eyelash extensions everyday. Anna Phillips founded The Lash Lounge® because she recognized a need for a service that gives the everyday woman a glamorous appearance and saves time. The Lash Lounge® salon design seamlessly combines private beauty service rooms, an exclusive Lash Lounge® makeup counter and a clothing and accessories boutique – making it a one stop shop. We focus on providing amazing customer service by building  personal connections with each person, treating every customer like a special guest and creating a relaxing escape from daily life!

About Anna Phillips, CEO and Founder

Anna Phillips began her career as a massage therapist, esthetician and permanent makeup artist. She worked as a massage therapist at Google, a highly coveted position, where she soaked in the entrepreneurial and creative atmosphere. While living on the west coast, Anna came across the application of eyelash extensions – a service only known to starlets and industry insiders at the time. After a move to Texas, Anna became one of the first certified eyelash extension trainers for Xtreme Lashes and traveled the U.S. training others on the service. She also rented a small room taking clients that eventually grew into a wide-spread demand. Anna opened the first Lash Lounge salon in 2006 and evolved the concept into a franchise in 2010. Anna and husband, Dave, have two girls, Hadley and Presley.

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