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Breast Cancer Awareness: 7 Ways to Show Support

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and as a company by women for women, we are honored to devote today’s blog to the strong women, their families and friends who have been affected by breast cancer.

Whether large or small, see how you can show support!


Throw on a scarf, paint your nails, wear a cute shirt or rock some stylin’ shoes. Whatever you do this month, add a pop of pink to your look!

And in case you missed it, see the 8 products Bobbie Thomas, style editor of the TODAY Show, recently shared with Hodda Kotb and Maria Shriver. They’re not only pink, but they also give back…which we love!


Make that extra time you spend on Facebook and Instagram count this month; show some support for the cause on your social pages.

Whether it’s updating your profile photo to a Breast Cancer Awareness frame, changing your cover photo to that fun group pic of you and your girls in pink, acknowledging the cause all month long keeps the message at the forefront of people’s minds. You never know who might see it and how it could make an impact.


Many retailers—from large chain stores to our favorite local shops—are running promotions where a percentage of proceeds are donated to various breast cancer organizations. So, while you’re shopping, look for the businesses giving back!

One Brand We’re Blown Away By: Kendra Scott*

Who doesn’t love Kendra Scott? From the jewelry itself to the woman behind it all, this company is doing amazing things. Founder Kendra Scott lost her best friend Holley to the disease in 2016. Breast cancer research and education was very important to Holley, which drove Kendra to start the (BCRF) to honor Holley and her legacy.

This month, 20% of proceeds from the “Shop for Good: Breast Cancer Awareness” giveback suite from Kendra Scott will go to the BCRF research grant. Also with every purchase, one piece of jewelry will be given to a woman affected by cancer. How great is that?!?

Since 2016, Kendra Scott has invested over $793,000 for breast cancer research and support. They have also given 39,000 pieces of jewelry to women undergoing treatment through their “Buy One, Gift One” program. This year, they’re funding a $250,000 research grant through the foundation.

Ready to add some Kendra Scott to your shopping cart? We thought so!


Whether it’s an organized walk, run or special event at your local gym (hello, Zoombathon!), jump on board and get active. Your participation will not only show support for breast cancer, you’ll also be promoting self-care, something we all need to rally behind!

Don’t stop there! Call your best gal pals and invite them to tag along, too! And if you want to rock some pink athleisure wear while you work out, see these fun and functional options from Macy’s.*


Most of us don’t know all of the facts about breast cancer, but we should! Take control and educate yourself. Be proactive. Learn what you can do to reduce your risk. Learn how often you should visit your doctor for regular breast checks and mammograms. After you’ve done some research, don’t keep it to yourself; share this priceless information with friends and family.

Not sure where to start? Visit!


Supporting a great cause, empowering women and customizing beautiful lashes is what we live for! Here at The Lash Lounge, we love to add a little extra flair to your beloved lash extensions. One way we do this is with colored lashes.

Many of our salons offer a variety of colored lash extensions, including pink. This month,“Wink Pink” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. and make a statement when you give pink lashes a try! You might never go back.


No amount is ever too small when it comes to donating to a good cause. Money is always appreciated, especially when it comes to research.

You know another amazing thing to give? Your time! Do a little research to see which breast cancer organizations are in your area and how you can donate your time to them. Whether it’s 30 minutes a week or one hour a day, every little bit counts!

Whatever you do this month, remember these 3 things: education, support and early detection are all key to continuing the fight for a breast cancer cure! Learn more and be inspired by real women fighting the fight at!

*The Lash Lounge is not affiliated with any of the companies mentioned in this blog post.


Lash Curls: Three Options to Customize Your Look

Here at The Lash Lounge, we’re all about collaborating with our guests and personalizing a look all their own. One very important step to any custom lash design is selecting one of our three curls. Today, we’re excited to share how each curl is unique, just like our guests!


During every appointment for lash extensions, you’ll have a personalized consultation with one of our trained, talented stylists. During this time, your stylist will chat with you about the different customizable elements of a lash look, including your curl options.

Here at The Lash Lounge, we have three different curl options: C Curl, D Curl and L+ Curl. Each curl creates a unique effect and is recommended based on the look you’re going for and/or how your natural lashes are shaped.

Let’s take a closer look at each curl option so you can see for yourself just how uniquely beautiful each curl is!


The softest curl we offer at our salons is the lovely C Curl. It is also the “go-to” curl option for guests who want their lashes enhanced yet desire a more natural lash look.


For those guests who are a little more on the lively side when it comes to their lash style, the D Curl is a beautiful option. It is the tightest curl we offer and gives a gorgeous, dynamic appearance. Many guests with a D Curl often say their lashes give them more of an “awake” look and, ladies, we all know we need that, right?


If you have natural lashes that are more on the straight side or tend to point downward, then the L+ Curl is for you! Time and time again, guests fall in “lash love” with the L+ Curl because it gives them the greatest, most gorgeous lift!


So, how do we get 3 different, yet downright perfect curls? Let us tell you!

We like to “heat” things up a bit here at The Lash Lounge, which is why our lashes undergo a double heat-roll process to ensure a beautiful, long-lasting curl. You and your stylist will work together to determine which curl is best for your natural lashes and for you!


We know you want to see more, so we‘re sharing photos of 3 real guests, each with a different, gorgeous lash curl!

Take a look at the lovely Denise and her custom lash look:

C Curl Lash Extensions

Curl: C Curl • Application Method: Classic • Level: Natural • Type: Silk

Now for Sarah and her drop-dead gorgeous custom lashes:

Curl: D Curl • Application Method: Volume • Level: Extreme • Type: Silk

Last but not least, check out Jennifer’s lovely lash results:

Curl: L+ Curl • Application Method: Classic • Level: Extreme • Type: Mink

Stay tuned! We’ll be sharing more custom lash creations and some sneak peeks of our new Lash Catalog, which will help guide you through your Lash Lounge journey, all the way from consultation through to customization!

To flip through The Lash Catalog now, visit a Lash Lounge near you!


The Look and Life of a Real Lash Lounge…

Drum roll, please! We recently held our very first “Lash Look” photoshoot with real Lash Lounge guests as our models (whoop!, whoop!). Today, we’re overjoyed to share an inside look into the lash life of one of our lovely models, Paroma. See what this music-loving mother has to say about her lash transformation and how she’s applied her new look and confidence to her life. Let’s meet Paroma!


As a computer software professional in an office environment, it has always been important to Paroma to put her best foot forward each day; and that includes looking and feeling put together. Before answering our “Lash Look” model call, Paroma (who is also mom to a darling 5-year-old little boy) had never given lash extensions a go. And when it came to her daily beauty routine, she was no stranger to spending extra time each morning with those dreaded tasks of applying mascara and working to get her eyeliner on just right.


When the day finally arrived for Paroma to join us at our corporate training center in Southlake, Texas, the lash anticipation was high and excitement in the air! First, Paroma sat down with one of our uber talented corporate training stylists, Shelley, to chat about her desired lash look. Everything from her eye shape, lifestyle and natural eyelashes were all carefully considered in order to create her perfect, customized lash creation. To complement her beautiful, natural features and existing lashes, Shelley went with a volume natural application, silk lashes and a stunning D curl, giving Paroma the full, lush lash line she had her heart set on.

After her full set application was complete, it was time to lift the lash curtain and hand over the mirror for Paroma to feast her eyes on her lash transformation. Two words came to her mind when she first saw her new lashes: BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL! She  just couldn’t believe how much the extensions enhanced her eyes, how much brighter her face looked and, of course, how beautiful her lashes made her look and feel!


Not long after the photoshoot, we checked in with Paroma to find out what she had been loving most about her new life with lashes. Did they add convenience to her daily beauty routine? Did they make her feel empowered and ready to conquer the day? We simply couldn’t wait to hear what she had to share!

Instantly Alive

After receiving her gorgeous full set of volume lashes, Paroma woke up every morning to a pleasant surprise she described as a “refreshed look” and that was without a stitch of makeup, too!

What Morning Makeup Routine?

Since Paroma has to get up at 6 a.m. and gets not only herself ready but also her son, this busy wife and mom has loved her new, simplified beauty routine thanks to lash extensions. She save loads of time since her eyes no longer need several coats of mascara or eyeliner. “Lip gloss is all I have needed,” she said.

Clothed in Lash Confidence

Another incredible part of Paroma’s lash transformation was the newfound confidence she gained. She shared “I’m more comfortable to feel natural on a daily basis.”

This is music to our ears because we love that she now has the ability to embrace her natural beauty in a way she has not done before.

Compliment City!

That extra confidence boost Paroma had also came from all of the compliments she was getting from family, friends and even strangers! “I got compliments for my eyes and lashes wherever I went and that helps make it worth to me.”

We seriously love that Paroma now feels like her eyes are more of a focal point and that they were literally “catching” other’s eyes, too!


Since getting lash extensions, Paroma has felt even more inspired to try something new, set new goals and step outside of her comfort zone. Having lashes has helped her work towards those extra goals she has, both large and small!

Recently, Paroma took a step to do something for herself and be a part of a movement to empower women. How awesome is that?!

In her day-to-day life, she told us she’s been mindful to look to the women in her life for inspiration for encouragement in her own journey as a woman and working mom.

“I look to my mother as a role model. It’s impressive how she managed outside work and took care of us. I learn from her alot for my day to day activities.” Work, motherhood and just life in general is a lot to juggle for any woman, but thanks to the women around her plus her new lash life, Paroma can conquer it all!

When we planned this photoshoot, we definitely wanted to get gorgeous images of our lashes. But, just as important to us, we wanted to witness our guests’ lash transformations in all their uniqueness. It was our goal to capture the true beauty of each woman and how “beautiful” comes in all different ages, looks, shapes and styles. We are so thankful for Paroma and all of our stunning lash models for helping us do just that.

Stay tuned over the coming months as we share more of the wonder women behind our shoot…and how they’re living their best lives with LASHES!

Want to try on a lash look like Paroma’s? Book a volume natural full set at a Lash Lounge near you!



PASSION: They’re the words we live by:

  • Professional
  • Appreciation
  • Service-Oriented
  • Servant Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Ownership
  • Never-Give-Up Attitude

“PASSION” represents The Lash Lounge’s core values. Every single person we work with—from our home office staff to our franchisees to the stylists they bring on board—embody just that.

Today, we’re excited to share an inside look into the lash life of Chelbi Lynn, a stylist from The Lash Lounge Overland Park – Corbin Park in Kansas. See why she’s passionate, and why she considers The Lash Lounge her home away from home.


Hi! My name is Chelbi and I’m a stylist at The Lash Lounge in Overland Park. First of all, I must start by saying how I truly love each and every second working at The Lash Lounge. I’m so incredibly thankful to come to work every day to a welcoming, fun and relaxed atmosphere. Whether it’s the stylists working their lash magic or our amazing guests, the vibes are stellar all the way around!


Let me back up a bit. When I learned The Lash Lounge was hiring, I was so excited for the opportunity to apply! I had the required cosmetology license*, but no previous experience working with lashes. Once I received the incredible news that I got the lash stylist job and was officially hired, I then received training from the corporate training tribe. Learning the innovative and unique techniques from the experts made me even more excited to be a part of this trailblazing company.

*Cosmetology, esthetics and eyelash extension specialty license requirements vary by state. Before you submit an application, please check with your local Lash Lounge to see which apply to you!


It’s normal to feel a bit nervous when diving into a new career path, but as soon as I joined The Lash Lounge team, the owners and fellow staff members were so supportive and, till this day, that has meant a lot to me!

Environment is everything when it comes to where you work. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say not everywhere has a team-oriented atmosphere that feels welcoming. That’s why I love working at The Lash Lounge. Everyone is wonderful from the staff and owners to each and every guest that walks through the doors. From the moment I began my career, the salon became a second family and second home to me.


Another thing I really love is that The Lash Lounge is not a “one size fits all” lash salon. It’s a joy coming to work each day and having the ability to customize a look for my guests based on their eye shapes, lifestyle and desired look.

What’s my favorite look to lash? If I have to pick just one, it would be a volume application using silk lashes and a dramatic D curl! Yep, that’s the combo I love most! The before-and-afters are so striking!



When I’m not busy lashing, I love to be outdoors enjoying adventurous activities like kayaking. If I’m not out in nature, then you might find me checking out a new local brewery with my friends.


When it comes down to it, I can 100% say I have fallen in love with what I do and The Lash Lounge as a whole. Wherever life may take me, it is my hope that I can stay and grow with this company that has supported me from day one and helped me develop and grow these mad lash skills I’m so proud of. I honestly can’t say enough about my experience working for this amazing company!



If you’re feeling inspired by Chelbi’s lash life and you’re interested in starting a passionate career at The Lash Lounge, please apply today!

When you work with The Lash Lounge, know our corporate stylist trainers are dedicated to you. You’ll get started with virtual training, head into hands-on training and then will have regular access to our corporate stylist trainers as you learn The Lash Lounge exclusive design technique. Get the latest in lashes from our intranet and talk to other stylists across the country on our discussion board. We’re a true lash family focused on shared growth and success.

You will love going to work, being a part of the booming beauty industry, earning a competitive wage and making people look and feel as beautiful as they truly are!



Back To School: Tips and Truths From a Lash…

Getting your kiddos and yourself in the back-to-school routine? Me too! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lindsey Nabors and I am the social media coordinator for The Lash Lounge.

While I’m not exactly a seasoned pro with this mom thing, I am a busy working mother who understands how it is to get used to new routines, schedules, the excitement, stresses and adjustments this time of year brings.

Back To School: Tips and Truths From a Lash Lounge Mom

Along with the work I do (which I love, by the way), I am the proud mom of a darling five-year-old little boy. This year was a BIG one for us because he started kindergarten…pass the Kleenex, please! (Side note: Until I was a mom, I never truly grasped what a big deal this really is, I’ll admit it. But, boy, I sure do now!)

Today, I’m going to share a little insight into a few things I’ve experienced during my own back-to-school journey with my son. It’s my hope that these tips (and truths) help other moms, or simply let them know they’re not alone. So, bring on the coffee…and the lashes—we got this! #MomPower


This idea is nothing new, but it’s a saving grace for me and my family. Growing up, my mom always laid our clothes out the night before so when we got up, we were ready to go!

I do the same now! Since I’m a working mom, doing this makes me feel less stressed in the mornings and helps us get out the door frenzy free.

And it’s not just clothes I prep. I get backpacks and even my own work bag ready so we can grab and go. On my best days, I go so far as to make sure BOTH of my son’s shoes are found and by the back door. Then, I even set my keys out so there’s not a mad search as we’re trying to leave. Hate it when that happens!

Another total lifesaver in the mornings? My lash extensions, of course! I don’t have to take as much time when it comes to makeup and, no matter the day, my lashes make feel confident and also give my tired eyes a much needed refreshed and rested look.

Finally, prepping lunches is also big for us and something I do every night. I used to skip my own lunch prep, but that has changed. I now get my lunch together so I’m not scrambling to do it the morning of. It also gives me a little more time to pack some healthier options.

So, moms, think of yourself, too, when it comes to lunch prep. Whether you need a full lunch for work or you have a jam-packed day of errands and appointments, throw some snacks in your bag so you can keep your mom tank fueled up!

Back To School: Tips and Truths From a Lash Lounge Mom



Unless you stay strict with bedtimes during the summer (props to those of you who do!), getting back to sensible sleep schedules is tough. A couple weeks before school started, we tried to bump up bedtime a little earlier each night; that way it wasn’t as abrupt of a change and struggle all at once. Some nights were better than others but, overall, it helped!

Pro Tip! Don’t beat yourself up and compare your kids’ betimes to what others do. Do what works for you and your family’s schedule.


Before school started, I knew we had a few things we needed to work on to better prepare my little man for kindergarten. We sat down at the kitchen table often. Some days, he stuck with things, while other days it was harder to make it fun and keep his attention.

That’s when I tried to get creative with making tasks into games. He even pretended he was the teacher, which he loved as he mastered his newly learned skills. I work with him most days and my husband also helps to keep that learning wheel turning (Hooray for teamwork!). If we get a productive 10–15 minutes in each day, I feel like we’ve accomplished something. The goal is to keep this up even now that school’s in session, so he can practice everything he’s learning.

Back To School: Tips and Truths From a Lash Lounge Mom

Whether you have a small child or teen, anything we can do to make the learning process fun and enjoyable for our kids (and ourselves as we help them) can make it less of a struggle for everyone. Although, I must admit, I’m not quite sure how this will pan out when he is a teen. Thinking a heaping plate of homemade, gooey chocolate chip cookies might help when it’s time to sit down and study for those ACTs. Crossing my fingers on that one!


It doesn’t matter if you work or stay at home, being a mom is the hardest, yet most rewarding job there is. With the work I juggle, I often find myself feeling immense mom guilt from things like checking email too often when I should be more present or worrying about a messy house instead of sitting down and reading a book to my little boy. I’ll admit, it’s a daily struggle. I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

What I’m learning is to focus less on the things I’m not doing and instead celebrate the things I AM doing. It’s so easy to see only the negative sometimes, but when you train yourself to think about all that you are accomplishing while also being a mom, you will feel less guilty and think, “Wow, I’m doing a pretty good job!”

What can you do? Just take it day by day. Some days, you’ll knock it out of the park and other days it might be more of a struggle. Join me in focusing more on all the good we’re doing as mothers and let’s pat ourselves on the back more often!


Once schedules start filling up with school, homework and activities, sometimes it seems like our kiddos don’t have much time to play and do the little things they love. Even over the summer with baseball games night after night, I realized that we were keeping such a busy schedule that my son wasn’t getting that extra creative playtime that he needs and loves so much, especially with his gang of superheroes!

Back To School: Tips and Truths From a Lash Lounge Mom

Now that school has started, my son comes home, plays and unwinds before diving into homework or prepping for the next busy day. Heck, us grownups like to come home after a long day and unwind a bit. Our kids do, too!


This is also a tough one for me…just because I’m so busy and pretty much all of my time goes to my family and work. However, I’ve taken some steps over the last couple of years to MAKE time for myself…and not feel guilty about it.

I now make it a point to hit up the gym a couple times a week and I always feel SO much better and energetic after I do. I’ve also tried to get together with friends more often because, as moms, our souls need that time with our gal pals and fellow mothers!

Want to know what’s at the top of my “mommy time” list? That’s right—getting lash extensions! I literally count down the days ’til my next refill appointment. Just the mere thought of getting to enjoy a nice long quiet hour to relax, plus that much-needed lash nap, has me raring to drive to The Lash Lounge. Pure bliss in my book! It’s amazing how refreshed I feel and how rejuvenated I look after my appointment. Getting lashed every other week is definitely a win-win!

The bottom line: We cannot give our “all” to work or family if we don’t do some things for ourselves. Whether it’s going to the gym, or simply getting an afternoon to yourself to shop or see friends, make it a point to make that time for YOU!

Like I mentioned, I’m not a seasoned pro at this mom or back-to-school thing. I’m simply learning as I go, doing what works for me and my family and also looking to my rockstar mom friends and the creative approaches they’re taking each day.

If you have some back to school tips or simply some advice for other mothers, please share! And to all you moms out there, YOU GOT THIS!